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307 Threadguard MD 50



  • Excellent protection against fretting wear and corrosion.
  • Extends service life.
  • Low friction.
  • Lubricate beyond the yield point of most metals in boundary applications, reducing wear and helping to prevent seizing, galling and excessive friction.
  • Aid run-in and reduce frictional force and surface damage.
  • Low coefficient of friction allows for effective conversion of torquing force into holding force reduces the force required for disassembly of threaded fasteners.


  • THREADGUARD MD 50 contains a synergistic mix of white solid lubricants from the ceramic range.


THREADGUARD MD 50 is a beige, extreme temperature paste with a high content of white solid lubricants for use as an extreme pressure lubricant for assembly, press fitting and threaded connections, for easy assembly and dismantling of bolts, nuts, axles and various machine parts.

THREADGUARD MD 50 is highly resistant to water and can endure high mechanical impact, prevents pick up and seizure even in wet, dirty and corrosive conditions.


  • THREADGUARD MD 50 is a first class assembly paste for fitting bushes, pass – and press fit gears and shafts, as well as valves.
  • THREADGUARD MD 50 protects against rust and seizing up of threads, nuts and screws, cylinders, brakes and steering rods, adjustment screws, springs, pins, brake cylinders, petrol jets etc.

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