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307 Aqua Semi Synthetic Blue (NEW); 5L



As with all production lubricants good housekeeping and system maintenance are important to ensure the satisfactory working life of the product.

The product advantages may be discussed as follows: 

1) High levels of rust inhibition.

2) Good wheel flushing and visibility.

3) Stable clear solutions tolerant to hard waters.

4) Free from scums and oil separation.

5) Low foaming potential.

6) Excellent filterability.

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AQUA SEMI-SYNTHETIC BLUE is a semi-synthetic, low oil containing, water extendible cutting fluid. It is manufactured with biocides, foam suppressants and performance additives. This product is free from sodium nitrite and phenols.


AQUA SEMI-SYNTHETIC BLUE is suitable for general machining processes and may be considered for use on steels, cast iron, yellow metals and some aluminium alloys. The low oil content allows for some grinding applications, supplying some lubricity where required.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 22 × 12 × 32 cm