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307 Metalcut HG10; 5L



  • Balanced formulation
    Abrasive wheels and stones are kept clean, minimising clogging, glazing, and skidding on the work piece. Additionally, Metalcut HG10 is formulated with an EP agent and lubricity package that helps the cutting action and improves surface finish.
  • Superior cutting performance
    The EP contained in Metalcut HG10 allows for far higher cutting performance than traditional paraffin based products, and it produces a better finish than is possible with emulsion based products, additionally the EP is only active at the point of stone to metal contact, therefore it will not stain or corrode copper alloy machine parts.
  • High heat removal
    The low viscosity of Metalcut HG10 gives high flow rates whilst minimising splashing so that high rates of heat removal and chip flushing are possible. Applied neat by flood application.

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  • Metalcut HG10 is a low viscosity neat cutting oil, containing chlorinated paraffins and fatty sulphurised material to impart ease of machinability, tool life and surface finish.
  • Metalcut HG10 is the recommended product for all finish work, precision grinding operations such as form, profile and thread grinding where fine cuts are employed to give high surface finishes. The product is also recommended for honing operations using all grit sizes, including those incorporating diamond materials.
  • Metalcut HG10 has been used with great success for deep-hole drilling. This product contains additives that ensures lubrication over a wide range of metals, and is suitable for ferrous alloys.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 22 × 12 × 32 cm