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307 Aqua Soluble M; 5L



  • Multi-Metal Capability
    This product can be used an all ferrous metals, including copper, brass and aluminum alloys. In all general metal removal operations where cooling and machine tool lubrication is required.
  • Effective Corrosion Inhibiting Package
    AQUA SOLUBLE M contains a corrosion inhibitor package which is effective at high dilutions protects both the machine and the work from corrosion

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AQUA SOLUBLE M is a general purpose milky soluble cutting oil for light duty machine shop use.


  • AQUA SOLUBLE M is a well tried conventional soluble type metal working fluid which forms a milky emulsion when diluted with water. Included in the formulation is a biocide to give a bacterial resistant emulsion. The product has been formulated with en EP additive and an effective corrosion inhibiting package to allow high dilutions.
  • AQUA SOLUBLE M is a versatile product with EP additive and finds application in all light duty general machining areas such as boring, drilling, milling, reaming, turning etc. on steel, cast iron and all commonly occurring materials.
  • AQUA SOLUBLE M should be added slowly to water whilst agitating to facilitate mixing, the dilutions below are given as a guideline:-
    Medium tensile steels and non ferrous materials 20 : 1
    Cast iron 10 : 1

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 22 × 12 × 32 cm