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Herschell SS Silicone Spray


  • Increases working speed and prevents discolouring when welding plastic in the packaging industry for ultra-sonic welding, heat sealing.
  • Lubricant for installation of round rings and seals.
  • Prevents accumulation of wax and glues on cutting and punching knives in paper industry.
  • Reduces ice build up in refrigerators and freezers.
  • Improves sealing of rubber seals around doors.
  • Anti-spatter for gas shrouded welding equipment.


Renewing the appearance of plastic goods e.g. car dashboards, brief cases and handbags. Lubricating of curtain tracks. A thin layer will not stain textiles. Anti-static prevents static build up in paper for printers. Caravan tent groove lubricant

Lubricates wood on wood, glass on wood, plastic on glass rubber to rubber e.g. drawers, kitchen cabinets. Knitting, sewing and textile lubricant, for cutting tables, shears, sewing machine tables and ironing presses. Prevent ski binding freezing. Prevents car door locks freezing. Softens preserves and waterproofs leather. Machining lubricant for all types of plastic.

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