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Piston Power Super Outboard TC-W3; 5l


Performance Features:

  • Highly refined mineral oils and ashless dispersant/detergent additive provide superior piston cleanliness and protection against ring sticking by minimising deposit formation.
  • Minimises fouling of exhaust ports and keeps spark plugs and other engine components free from deposits.
  • High miscibility/fluidity characteristics ensures easy mixing with fuel and excellent flow in lube injection systems
  • Plugging of oil filter screens in oil injection systems does not occur, as the oil does not form a gel or precipitate in the presence of water.
  • The oil is dyed blue to assist in identification of fuel/oil mixtures.

Performance Specifications

Piston Power Super Outboard TC-W3 meets the requirements of the following performance specification:

  • NMMA TC-W3

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Piston Power Super Outboard TC-W3 is a high performance outboard engine oil for lubrication of water-cooled, two-stroke, outboard engines. It is designed for engines requiring NMMA TC-W3 performance oils.


  • Water-cooled two-stroke, marine, outboard engines, lubricated using an oil injection system or as an oil/gasoline premix (up to 100:1).
  • Air-cooled, two-stroke engines where API TD or NMMA certified oils are specified.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 22 × 12 × 32 cm