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Hawk Radiator Flush; 400ml


Performance Properties:

• Removes Scale and Rust.
• Cleaned radiator of dirt and grime.
• Conditions radiator for new coolant.
• Helps to prevent rust formation.

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HAWK Radiator Flush removes rust and scale from the whole cooling system and radiator. HAWK Radiator Flush reaches all those hard to clean areas with in the cooling system. HAWK Radiator Flush restores cooling efficiency and performance. HAWK Radiator Flush will clean all water channels with out having any negative effect on hoses or aluminium.

Directions for use:

Always shake the bottle well before use. Add the contents of the HAWK Radiator Flush to the coolant reservoir. Run the engine with the heater on hot and the engine at fast idle for 10-15 minutes. After the desired time period drain and flush the existing coolant and clean with fresh water. Once cleaned with fresh water, drain the water and replace with new specified coolant.

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