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307 Engine Assembly Lube; 500g


Features and Benefits:

ENGINE ASSEMBLY LUBE provides initial hydrodynamic lubrication and puts a lubricant barrier between moving parts. It can withstand loads of over 12 000 Bar and as such provides an excellent film of protection under extreme pressure conditions and shock loads from the engine.

ENGINE ASSEMBLY LUBE contains a tackiness additive so it effectively sticks to surfaces whilst the engine is being built and therefore provides a far superior initial lubrication compared with standard engine oil that can run off the parts during the assembly, especially during long build periods.

ENGINE ASSEMBLY LUBE has also been used most satisfactorily in veteran engines with exposed valves and valve springs as a means of protection against rust and corrosion whilst the vehicle is not being used.

Important Note– ENGINE ASSEMBLY LUBE should not be used on pistons as the graphite content may hamper the bedding in process. 307 Lubricants strongly recommends the use of Ravenol Break-In Oil SAE 30 with high ZDDP levels for new and rebuilt engines.

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ENGINE ASSEMBLY LUBE is a special purpose tacky paste formulated with a grease base, designed for the initial lubrication of engine parts during the engine assembly process.

ENGINE ASSEMBLY LUBE contains rust inhibitors, oxidation Inhibitors, tackiness agents, molybdenum disulphide and graphite. By incorporating the use of ENGINE ASSEMBLY LUBE together with Ravenol Break-In Oil SAE 30 which contains a high percentage of zinc anti-wear additives outstanding engine lubrication protection is provided prior to and during the first starting of a new or rebuilt engines.

ENGINE ASSEMBLY LUBE is recommended for initial lubrication of engine components during assembly. These items include camshaft lobes, followers, journals, camshaft and crankshaft bearings, pushrod tips, rockers, bushes, gears, thrust bearings and timing chains.


ENGINE ASSEMBLY LUBE is applied directly to moving or stationary surfaces that come in contact with other moving surfaces that would normally be lubricated with engine oil once oil pressure is established.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Only a light film of product is required so ENGINE ASSEMBLY LUBE should be used sparingly. The product dissipates into the engine lubricant after the engine is first started.

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