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I believe that from a technical aspect, having 25 years of experience, I have more to offer my customers than any other lubricants supplier in South Africa, especially when one considers the knowledge I have acquired relating to all industries, all machinery, industrial and automotive, as well as all manufacturing processes that require lubricants and greases. This knowledge includes knowing every other oil company in South Africa’s product ranges as well as I know my own. This experience also extends to understanding such things as my customers transport requirements, administrative requirements and business philosophy. I build relationships with my customers, not their money.

When a technical query presents itself in your company, I have more technical knowledge and ability to find solutions, than anyone else in the oil industry and according to my customers it is comforting to know there is someone trustworthy that they can turn to, for the correct advice. The most common phrase I hear when solving a technical query within seconds is “Do you know how many companies I have phoned? I wish I had known about you earlier” Other oil companies sell exclusively by offering the lowest price. It is interesting to note that even with all I have to offer my customers technically, we still succeed in either matching or beating the opposition’s prices.

What more could any customer want?