Products and Solutions

Our Product Ranges

We stock a diverse range of products for all types of industries, far too many to list. In a nutshell, if its available from any oil company in the world, we will have an alternative available that will perform the same or better. If not, we will use our 30 years in the oil industry to direct you to the company that sells the product you are looking for.

We have in-depth product technical knowledge and a thorough understanding of all the products we offer and their correct application as well as those of other international and national oil companies. Just “ask Freddi”

Our product range includes: 

  • Ravenol – Performance lubricants for cars, bike, marine
  • Piston Power – Local manufacturer of a wide range of high quality lubricants with automotive, agricultural and industrial applications
  • 307 Lubricants – our own brand of basic to state-of-the-art problem solving products, metal working lubricants and chemical cleaners.      A full list of of which may be seen at the bottom of this page.
  • JB Weld– The worlds strongest adhesive
  • Time Max
  • AutoGlym – Professional car care
  • Hawk – Engine additives
  • Rocol – Food grade lubricants
  • Herschell – Specialised lubricants and maintenance product
  • Molykote
  • Adblue – The introduction of AdBlue® into the 307 Lubricants range shows our commitment to a more sustainable future growth path.
  • Bel-Ray
  • Interflon
  • Wurth
  • And far more……

Our Solutions

As your oil industry partner we offer a range of tailored solutions. This includes:

  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Industrial
  • DIY
  • Food Safe
  • Environmental
  • and many more…

Product list in alphabetical order as follows:

#305 Grease
AL White Grease
Alcut C
Anti Corrosion Wax
Anti Friction Coating 703
Anti-Seize LCX M3
Aqua Grease XM EP2
Aqua Grease XPM
Aqua Grind 5NF
Aqua Semi Synthetic Blue
Aqua Soluble M
Aquasol H3
Barrier Cream
BE 369
BE 50
Biosyn Fluid
Boom Grease
Calcium Sulphonate EP 2 (80) RT
Calcium Sulphonate EP2
Cassida Grease GTS 2
Cement Remover
Centralube 150
Centralube 220
Centralube 68
Chain Lube STD
Chuck Paste
Circulating Oil 68
Complex Grease Red EP 2
Compvane 2000
Cylinder Oil 460 (600W)
Grime-Go Hand Cleaner Grit
Degreaser 307
Degreasing Fluid
Deionized Water
Descaling Liquid
Di-Ester T30
Driveshaft Grease 1/2SPM
Drum Empty Used
Drum Pump rotary
EDM Fluid
Electraclean High Performance
Electraclean Medium
Electric Motor Bearing Grease
Engine Assembly Lube
Extreme 500 Pin and Bush Grease
Extreme Fifth Wheel Grease
Food Grade Antifreeze
Foodgrease ALC Synt EP 0
Foodgrease ALC Synt EP 00
Foodgrease ALC Synt EP 000
Foodgrease ALC Synt EP 1
Foodgrease ALC Synt EP 2
Foodgrease Universal 2
Foodlube 320 TAC
Foodlube 68 SYNT
Foodlube ISO 100
Foodlube ISO 150
Foodlube ISO 220
Foodlube ISO 220 (Orange)
Foodlube ISO 320
Foodlube ISO 46
Foodlube ISO 68
Fungicide TS
Furniture Oil 22
Gearbox Lubricant PAG EP 000
Gearshift SAE 50
Gearsynt PAG EP 680
Grind GTC
Guideway Grease DX
Guideway SIL-HV
H30 000 Paste
HD Degreaser
Headstock Oil
Headstock Oil Heavy
Heat Transfer Oil  32
Heat Transfer Oil  46
Heat Transfer Oil 100
Heat Transfer Oil TX 40
High Shear Grease 85
High Temperature PTFE Grease
HTO Heat Transfer Oil 32
Hydraslide 32
Hydraulic Oil 32
Hydraulic Power 100
Hydraulic Power 46HV
Illuminating Paraffin 5l
Industrial Gear Oil 220 M 20l
Industrial Gear Oil 320 M 20l
Jell Grit Hand Cleaner Sample
Lacquer Thinners
LC Grease 220 EP 0
LCX Grease EP2 M3
LCX Synthetic Red
Lemon Grit Hand Cleaner
LiCal Grease EP 00/000
Lithium Complex EP2 MT
Lithium Grease EP 3
Lithium MP 2 Grease
LUME 150
Machine Oil 40
Metalcut CP 20l
Metalcut GP 5l
Metalcut HG10
Metalcut Premium
Metaldraw One
Metalform Auto CF
Microfibre All Purpose Cloth – Single (Blue)
Mobil Jet Oil II
Molygrease 5
Molygrease MS 2
Molykote 111 Compound
Molykote BR2 Plus
Molykote P40
Molykote TP 42
Morlina S2 BL 10
Mould Release Oil
Multi-Complex Technology NLGI 1
Multipurpose Grease EP 2
Odourless Kerosene
Oil Analysis
Oil Analysis – Viscosity Only
Oil Dye (Orange)
Open Gear Grease EP2 MT
Open Gear Universal 66
Orange Grit Cleaner
Penoil FG
Pneumatic Tool Lube
Pneumatic Tool Lube 68
Pneumatic Tool Lube FG
Powder Degreaser
Power Paraffin SG Special
Powershift Fluid TRD
Premium CS2-R
Premium CWT
Prozyme Odour Digester
Quenching Oil 32
Rags Colour
Royal Smooth
Running In Oil SAE 30
Rust Off
Rust Remover Eco-F
Rustblock DW
Rustshield 150E
Seamer Oil FG 150
Shackle Fluid
Slew Gearbox Grease 00/000
Slideway 220
Slideway 32
Slideway 68
Solvent Orange
Spindle Grease NUB 15
Spindle Oil 5
Sumpy Oil Drainer
Super Truck SAE 40
Supercharger Oil
Syngrease HT 300 EP 2
Synthetic Chain & Bearing Oil
Synthetic Chain Fluid T
Synthetic Chain Oil
Synthetic Grease Red
Synthetic HTOX 15
Synthetic PAG X 220 Moly
Synthetic Supercharger Oil
Syprem 8000 S (Boge)
Syprem P (Boge)
Syprem S (Boge)
System Cleaner
System Cleaner
Thixotropic Grease EP
Thread Power Fluid
Threadguard MD 50
Tuff Glove Black Disposable Nitrile Gloves
Tyre Shine
Ultra HT Grease
Ultra Pin & Bush Grease
Ultra Spindle Grease EP 2
Unigrease RED
Unigrind 5
Vacuum Pump Oil 100
Vacuum Pump Oil 32
Vacuum Pump Oil 320
Vacuum Pump Oil ISO VG 68
Vacuum Pump Oil SAE 20
Vehicle Gleam
Vehicle Shine
Water Finder Paste
WD-40 Spray
White Lithium Grease
White Needle Oil 22
White Petroleum Jelly
White Pharmaceutical Oil 15
White Spirits
White Spirits
Winch Drive Oil 460
Wire Rope Fluid
Wire Rope Grease 999
Wood Protective Oil
Worm Drive Grease
Worm Drive Oil 460
Xtreme Degreaser
Yucon 777 Grease

And far more….