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Products & Solutions

Our Product Ranges

We stock a diverse range of products for all types of industries, far too many to list. In a nutshell, if its available from any oil company in the world, we will have an alternative available that will perform the same or better. If not, we will use our 30 years in the oil industry to direct you to the company that sells the product you are looking for. For a summarised list of products available, please scroll to below the picture;

We have in-depth product technical knowledge and a thorough understanding of all the products we offer and their correct application as well as those of other international and national oil companies. Just “ask Freddi”

Automotive and motorcycle including competition
Fully synthetic motor oils for passenger cars • Motor oils with USVO & CleanSynto • Mineral
motor oil for passenger cars • Motor oil for commercial vehicles • Rally / Racing oils •
Racing gear oil – synthetic limited slip • Motorcycle oils / Gear oils / Fork oil •
Motorcycle care • Quad engine and gear oil • Motocross and 2-stroke engine oils •
Scooter oils • Kart oil • Continuously variable transmission (CVT) oil • Dual clutch
transmission / Direct shift gearbox oils • Automatic transmission fluids • Manual
transmission fluids (MTF) • Transfer case oil • Differential/final drive fluids (including
limited slip and lamella limited slip) • Power steering fluids • Greases • Brake fluids •
Coolants / antifreeze • Car care products • Hand cleaner
Industrial mineral / PAO / PAG synthetic gear oils • Hydraulic oils • Compressor
oils • Vacuum pump oils • Metalworking fluids, including neat and soluble cutting
fluids, bactericide and system cleaners • Industrial food safe and environmentally
friendly lubricants • Industrial cleaners and degreasers • Wide selection of greases
Food Safe
Chain lubricants • Penetrating oils • Sugar dissolving fluid • Silicone spray
Electronic cleaners • Bearing greases • Gear oils • Universal and high temperature
greases • Multi-purpose spray • PTFE spray • Compressor oils • Hydraulic oils •
Seamer fluids • Dismantling spray • Anti-seize and assembly corrosion protection
pastes • Industrial cleaners
2 and 4-stroke outboard engine oils • Personal watercraft (PWC) such as jet-skis • Larger inboard
engines (both petrol and diesel) • Cruisers and larger craft
Elevators • Marine • Military • Forestry • Industry • Shipping • Mining • Agriculture •
Railroad • Municipalities • Transportation • Recreational
Automotive products • Products for professional car care • Marine products • Food
safe lubricants for use around the home • Variety of cleaners for the home
workshop / garage (even the house) • Industrial strength cleaners • JB Weld – the
world’s strongest adhesive
Training & Consulting
Product training & advice • Lubrication surveys • Maintenance schedules •
Handling and storage • Evaluation of problematic areas