Air Intake and Throttle Valve Cleaner


Special, highly active system cleaner for 2- and 4-cycle engines.

Overhead valve

  • Hard-to-access spots can be reached

Outstanding cleaning performance

  • Optimum carburetor performance
  • Faultless throttle valve operation

Smooth engine running

  • Faults caused by soiled throttle valves or carburetors are eliminated.


Spray the parts to be cleaned heavily while the engine is not running and allow the active substance to soak in for 2 to 3 minutes. Then spray into the intake and throttle valve area with the engine running and increase the speed slightly to loosen deposits.


Removes deposits and contaminants in the intake and throttle valve area. No dismantling work required. Calibrated bores and nozzles can also be cleaned with it. Suitable for catalytic converters.