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We have created our own range of unique high quality products that offer outstanding results in the most demanding of conditions, with the additional benefit of being well priced.

A guide to soluble oil care


Metal Working Fluids

MetalCut HG 10

Metalcut HG10 is a low viscosity neat oil treated with EP and lubricity additives that helps the cutting action &improves surface finish. Recommended for all finish work, precision grinding operations, honing operations &deep hole drilling.

Available in: 25l | 210l

Aqua EP Semi Synthetic Blue

AQUA EP SEMI SYNTHETIC BLUE is a semi-synthetic based water soluble metal working fluid. It is universally applicable and reduces cutting fluid requirements to just one grade. Suitable for use on steels, cast iron, yellow metals and aluminium.

Sizes:  5l | 25l

Aqua Grind 5NF

AQUA GRIND 5NF is a fully synthetic metal working coolant, suitable for grinding. The product is fluorescent yellow and easily identified in water solutions.

Sizes:  5l | 25l

Rustblock DW

Rustblock DW is a solvent based corrosion preventative which leaves a medium hard flexible self healing film by solvent evaporation.Recommended for protection of machined & bright parts held in store or awaiting further machining.

Sizes:  25l | 5l


A concentrated biocide for control of micro-organisms in metal working emulsion systems.Non oxidizing  & effective against aerobic & anaerobic bacteria, mould, fungi and yeast’s.
Recommended dosage: Shock: 0.1 % (1000 ppm) | Maintenance: 0.025 to 0.05 % (250 to 500 ppm)

Available in:  1l | 5l

System Cleaner

A concentrated system cleaner with biocide for control of micro-organisms in metal working emulsion systems.

Sizes:  5l

Metalcut GP

A dark coloured, medium viscosity neat cutting oilutilising solvent refined base oils, fortified with non-active EP agents and lubricity additives. Recommended for all medium to heavy work on single and multi-spindle automatic machines.

Sizes:  210l | 25l

Aqua Soluble M

AQUA SOLUBLE M is a versatile product with EP additive. For use in in all light duty general machining areas such as boring, drilling, milling, reaming, turning etc. on steel, cast iron and all commonly occurring metals.

Sizes:  5l | 25l


Metal forming & drawing fluid.Recommended for pressing & drawing application on ferrous & non ferrous materials.

Sizes:  20kg

Metalcut Premium

A heavy duty dark coloured neat cutting oil, for difficult operations on hard to machine steel alloys.

Sizes:  210l | 25l | 5l


FM Grease Complex EP 2


FM Grease Complex EP 2 is a multipurpose grease for all grease lubricated machinery located in food processing plants food and also where the grease is exposed to high temperatures, steam, and centrifugal action causing throw-off.

Synthetic Xtreme FG 2


Synthetic Xtreme FG 2 is a 100% synthetic calcium sulfonate based grease that delivers outstanding shear stability and reduced wear with excellent resistance to water and other corrosive substances for use with plain and anti-friction bearings in food processing machinery

Complex Grease Red 2

50kg | 18kg

Complex Grease Red 2 is a high performance multipurpose EP automotive grease designed for a wide range of applications including wheel bearing and chassis lubrication

CS Grease EP2


CS Grease EP2 is a heavy duty extreme pressure grease, pre-eminently designed for the lubrication of industrial bearings working under high temperatures and high loads in the steel industry.
Specifications:  ISO 6743-9: L-XBFHB 1/2, DIN 51 502: KP1/2R -25, Performances meet all Voith VN108 requirements for wet end and dryer part.

Lithium Complex EP2 MT


Special extreme pressure Lithium Complex grease containing Molybdenum and tackifier

Multipurpose Grease EP 2

5kg | 18kg | 50kg | 4x5kg

Multi purpose extreme pressure high temperature lithium calcium complex grease
NLGI 2 grade, Specifications:  ISO 6743-9: L-XBEHB 2, l DIN 51502: KP2P- 20

Semi Fluid Grease EP 00


Extreme pressure multipurpose grease without heavy metals use for the lubrication of enclosed gears
Specifications:  ISO-L-X-BCFB 00, DIN 51825-KP00E-20

Molygrease MS2

18kg | 50kg

Molygrease MS2  is a true muliti pupose grease that is formulated for the lubrication of shock loaded or vibrating applications operating in wet or dry conditions such as transport or agriculture or off road
Specifications : ISO 6743-9: L-XBCEB 2, DIN 51 502: MPF2K -25


Compressor Oil

Compvane 150

 20l |  5l

Specially formulated ‘2000 hour’ fluid developed to meet the requirements of Hydrovane Compressors and other similar vane compressors.

Hand Cleaners

Lemon Grit Hand Cleaner

25kg | 5kg | 500gm

A waterless hand cleaner designed for use on oils, grease and general grime.

Orange Grit Cleaner

25kg | 5kg

A waterless hand cleaner designed for use on oils, grease and general grime.

Royal Smooth

25kg | 5kg

A waterless hand cleaner designed for use on oils, grease and general grime.


BE369 Degreaser

BE 369 is a highly concentrated fully biodegradable, environmentally friendly degreaser, approved for use in all food processing plants. Dilute up to 50 parts.

BE50 Degreaser

BE 50 is a highly concentrated fully biodegradable, environmentally friendly degreaser. Dilute up to 20 parts.

Dissolve Degreaser

DISSOLVE DEGREASER is a free rinsing, Alkaline, Medium Duty Solvent Detergent, General Purpose Cleaner, Degreaser and Disinfectant.

Powder Cleaner

POWDER CLEANER is a highly effective degreasing powder for cleaning and maintaining cement floors.

Maxi Clean

KLEENZITALL is a non-flash highly concentrated water based alkaline cleaning compound specifically formulated for removal of soils, that may be encountered in the mining, automotive and industrial engineering industries.


Power Paraffin

Cleaning Paraffin (green in colour)

 200l | 20l | 5l

Illuminating Paraffin


Deionized Water

1l | 5l | 20l