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Comprehensive and competitively priced, the Herschell range of specialised lubricants and aerosols has been specifically developed to surpass the stringent requirements of Southern African industry. An established and respected brand throughout Southern Africa’s mining, automotive, plastics, engineering and aviation industries, the Herschell range has been expanded to meet growing demand for specialised, industrial-grade lubricants and aerosols.

csCS Chain Spray

A light green spray containing soluble molybdenum in a special semi- synthetic lubrication oil base. It rapidly penetrates deep into chain linkages forming a tough water resistant lubricating film resistant to “fling off”.
Semi-synthetic base oil for long service intervals. • Non drip prevents throw off at high speeds. • Especially formulated for extreme loads. • Soluble moly reduces friction. • Contains extreme pressure and anti-wear additives. • Hydrodynamic and boundary lubricant. • Low surface tension addictive enables lubricant to reach chain pins. • Superior water resistance.
Spray the aerosol onto the surface of the chain. If possible allow to penetrate overnight. Regular use extends chain life by reducing wear.

dcDC Silicone Damp Cure

A do it yourself aerosol containing a colourless film forming agent to cure the problems caused by damp in houses, flats and factories. It has a solvent base to help it penetrate. It then cures to form water-repellent zone.
Problems it will solve: Penetration of moisture through walls • Rising damp • Water seeping through tiles into adjoining rooms or lower storey ceilings. • Peeling paint • Mould growth • Efflorescence and salt damage from hydration and crystallization • Cracks caused by swelling and shrinkage • Attack by fungi, lichen, moss and algae • Corrosion of concrete reinforcement • Lime leaching • Frost damage

zpZP Zinc Protector Plus

Provides protection for all metal surfaces, and forms a highly adhesive, fast drying permanent film. The outstanding corrosion protection is provided by the electro-chemical action of the zinc, and works like a hot dip coating; Scratch damage will be pacified after treatment and so prevent the scratch from rusting.
Good adhesion • Quick drying • Provides permanent protection against corrosion and rusting. • Outstanding cathodic corrosion protection against rust even if the treated surface is subsequently damaged. • Resistant to salt water and coastal atmosphere.
Clean grease off with a non- petroleum solvent and removes any rust residues. Apply by spraying from the aerosol can. It is a touch-dry after 15minutes at 20C. Shake spray ca n vigorously before use. Spray a thin layer evenly from a distance of 20 to 25cm. After use, clean the spray can valve by turning the can upside down and pressing nozzle until actuator is clear.

mpMP Multi Purpose Spray

A True Multipurpose spray.
Lubricates, cleans, displaces water, prevents rust


ecEC Electronic Cleaner

Removes flux, dust and other residues from contacts and circuit boards. Evaporates without residue. Plastic friendly including most sensitive plastics and elostomes. Suitable for most delicate parts and equipment. For unusual polymers, test a small area Safe for use on reactive metals, aluminium and zinc.

ssSS Silicone Spray

Renewing the appearance of plastic goods e.g. car dashboards, brief cases and handbags. Lubricating of curtain tracks. A thin layer will not stain textiles. Anti-static prevents static build up in paper for printers. Caravan tent groove lubricant
Lubricates wood on wood, glass on wood, plastic on glass rubber to rubber e.g. drawers, kitchen cabinets. Knitting, sewing and textile lubricant, for cutting tables, shears, sewing machine tables and ironing presses. Prevent ski binding freezing. Prevents car door locks freezing. Softens preserves and waterproofs leather. Machining lubricant for all types of plastic.
Increases working speed and prevents discolouring when welding plastic in the packaging industry for ultra-sonic welding, heat sealing. Lubricant for installation of round rings and seals. Prevents accumulation of wax and glues on cutting and punching knives in paper industry. Reduces ice build up in refrigerators and freezers. Improves sealing of rubber seals around doors. Anti- spatter for gas shrouded welding equipment.

pwPW Protective Wax

A yellow brown high-melt wax for long term anti-corrosion protection of metal surfaces. After solvent evaporation the film is highly resistant to salt water and spray making it suitable foe metal fabricators and rust proofing of automobiles.
Benefits Salt water resistant • Protects metal from corrosion both indoors and outdoors • Penetrates deep into metal seams encasing any dirt or stone chip and displacing trapped moisture to seal and prevent any further corrosion. • Treats car body cavities and prevents corrosion • Forms a flexible plastic protective layer • Adhesion grips the metal and displaces moisture • No shrinkage after solvent evaporates • No cracking • High penetrating power • Stops rust starting • Kills old rust • Does not affect paint, plastics, rubber and chrome • Scratch protection: the waxy layer is flexible enough to self heal, if scratched after application. •

rrRR Red Rubber Grease

Specifically formulated with plastic and rubber friendly non- mineral oils to protect and lubricate rubber components and seals of automotive and industrial equipment.
Benefits It is water repellent and water resistant • Offers superior performance when assembling components utilizing rubber bushes, brake cylinder washers and other rubber components. • Offers good adhesion to different substrates. • Compatible with brake fluid for lubricated fitting of rubber brake seals and boots of automotive brake parts • Excellent corrosion resistance • # NOT recommended for roller bearings

tdTD Tyre & Dash Spray

Gives new life to all plastic, rubber and vinyl surfaces in the car and around the home. It is ideal for dashboards, window, and door rubbers, vinyl roofing, seats, tyres etc.
Cleans & enriches • Revives colour and lustre UV filter • Does not attract dust • Protects against sunlight • Removes accumulated wax & dirt
Shake well. Spray onto surface and buff with a clean cloth.

asAS Non – Silicone Anti – Spatter Spray

It is a non- silicone fluid with low evaporating, heat resistant and non-stick properties. It is ideal for the prevention of adhesion of welding spatter.
Extends the life of nozzles and shrouds. • Protects surrounding equipment from spatter damage • One application remains intact through many operations reducing time lost foe rte-application.
Spray inside of the shroud and the nozzle. Then spray on the outside of the shroud. A thin layer is sufficient. Surrounding equipment may be sprayed to prevent adhesion.